Students & Parents

Students who wish to enroll at Foothills must meet the following requirements:

  • Ages 14-20
  • Must have at least attempted 9th grade
  • We will request your school records for you.
  • To enroll, please CLICK HERE

This sample is to give the student an idea of the curriculum at Foothills. No credit in whole or part will be awarded for this sample.

Click Here to access Gradpoint which is a platform we use to deliver online courses.
Username:  web.user
Password:   password1

Practice EOC Test at Experience Online Testing Georgia (Google Chrome is only supported Browser)

GradPoint URL's

Baldwin Foothills GradPoint

Barrow Foothills GradPoint

Clarke Foothills GradPoint

Jackson Foothills GradPoint

Madison Foothills GradPoint

Lee Arrendale Foothills GradPoint

Burruss Foothills GradPoint

Morgan Foothills GradPoint

Oglethorpe Foothills GradPoint

Walton Foothills GradPoint

Phillips Foothills GradPoint 

Social Circle Foothills GradPoint


YCA-Fort Gordon

YCA-Fort Stewart

In Georgia, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) prepares Georgia’s State, LEA, and School Annual Report Cards CLICK HERE
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