February 2017 Foothills newsletter

February 2017 Foothills newsletter
Posted on 02/02/2017
This is the image for the news article titled February 2017 Foothills newsletterPlease enjoy our February 2017 Foothills newsletter. We have another fine graduate to celebrate from Madison Foothills. At this writing we have 54 graduates for 2016-2017. (We also have nearly 1300 students enrolled.) Students tell our story. Germaine encourages students to work hard - it pays off. Germaine had to learn his lesson the hard way but now he is on his way to a brighter future because of his hard work.

Speaking of hard work. We successfully opened two new sites last month. Morgan Foothills and Glynn Foothills opened their doors to students in their community. Congratulations to site directors Davis Bell and Roy Morris of Morgan and to Robert Poole and Mark Warren of Glynn. At this writing there are 105 students at Glynn and 76 students at Morgan. Well done everyone!

It doesn’t matter where we are when we open new Foothills doors. We see the same faces of hope walk through doors. Parents are grateful that their child is giving high school a another chance, students are finding renewed hope in their own future, and staff greet these students like they are welcomed company entering their own homes.

We are doing something right.

Enjoy this great journey.  READ MORE